Employment Screening

SCREEN potential employees to prevent falsified or fraudulent data, negligent hiring, employee theft and violence in the workplace. ACCESS credit reports and national, state and county level criminal history. MAKE informed hiring or promoting decisions

Why should I screen applicants?
Applications frequently contain false or distorted data. Screening eliminates the potential for theft, violence, drug abuse, fraud and costly litigation from negligent hiring. All employees should be screened regardless of position or size and type of company.
  • Over 60% of applicants have bad credit history, a criminal past, bad driving history or falsified information on their application.
  • Theft in the workplace occurs in over 90% of companies
  • $150 Billion lost annually because of workplace fraud and theft
  • Wide range of Databases which are described in detail below
  • Determine credit worthiness and overall level of responsibility with Credit Reports.
  • Run a complete address search with our People Search product
  • Diligently check for criminal past with 3 different on-line criminal databases with National Coverage, e.g., RAPSHEET
  • Follow up your criminal database searches by sending a court researcher to do a Manual County Criminal search
  • Verify as you type with Application Verification
  • Employment and Education verification
  • Bank and trade line reference verification
  • Experian Authentication to detect fraud
  • Driver's License Scan to instantly scan and populate applications
  • Adhere to laws governing use of credit reports for employment screening with declination letters
What We Can Do For You!

We have the ability to put together a package that is custom tailored to your needs and desires.  During the set up process we will have to opportunity to assess what is needed to meet your security and financial needs.  We are here to serve you!

Once set up you will have instant access to the information. 

Give us the opportunity to show you how we can take our years of experience in the information industry and put them to work for you.

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Why Trust USA With Your Employment Screening Needs?

  • EXPERIENCE- We have been Employment Screening and processing Employment Credit reports since 1979.
  • STRENGTH- Over the years we have strongly proven ourselves as reliable and trustworthy in the Employment screening industry
  • SECURITY- USA Credit Bureau uses a proprietary online ordering system that is secure, strictly adhearing to all of the Credit Bureau Guidelines for web ordering of consumer credit information and Employment screening
  • PRIVACY- USA Credit Bureau  will never collect and resell or share your personal information
  • SERVICE- USA Credit Bureau will pick up the phone with no voicemail during business hours and friendly experts who can help you interpret report data
  • FASTReports are generated instantly online and are accessible 24/7/365

Types of Data
Type Description & Products
Address History Often the first report that is pulled when doing a background check. These types of reports give a complete address history of where the applicant has lived. This information is critical when ordering manual court searches. Some reports also list the county for each address.

  • Trace Detail
Verify Applicant Verification of applicant information is critical. This site makes it easy with real-time products that validate or even correct data as you type.

Credit Reports Data on credit reports can be used to verify applicant information, research address history  and determine how responsible an individual is with employment, tradeline, collection, public record, child support history and inquiry information.

    Criminal Database Searches Hiring an employee based solely on an application or firsthand perception is not only misguided but dangerous. It is important to go beyond verification and screen for a criminal past. USA Credit Bureau offers access to 3 National criminal databases.

    Manual Criminal Court Searches When doing background screening not all criminal records are reported to the national database repositories. To do a complete criminal check you must send court researchers to the county courts. Also if you do get a hit from a national database search, you need to verify that the information is correct and was not expunged.

    Driver's License Scan
    Use our driver's license scanner to automatically scan any driver's license and automatically populate the application. The image is even stored for later identification in future transactions. The scan may also be used in conjunction with a multitude of verification products.

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    Driving History & Registration

    If transportation is a part of an individual's job description, checking an applicant's driving records can prevent costly negligent hiring litigation.

    Declination Letters
    Prescreening and decisioning levels can be set up in seconds to fully automate your lending process. These two features combined with our Web Application eliminate costly reports, allow direct to consumer applications and overall save time and money.