Why do I need a Credit Report to get a Contractors License?

Your Personal Credit Report enables the State to make a decision on your Financial Responsibility enabling them to make sure that the contractor applying for the license and all company owners are Financially Responsible.

Why do I need a Credit Report for a newly formed business?

The State has required that all companies must have a credit report on file. The fact that it is a new company does not negate the need to have a report run on that company.

Your company and any yourself and any officer of your company can have any unpaid Liens, Judgments or non discharged Bankruptcies on the report. You will be required to show proof of satisfaction in order to receive your license.

Public Records on You and Your Company will be Checked on the Local County Levels, State Levels, and Federal Levels.

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By downloading this form.  You can use it to order the credit reports needed when your application process calls for it.

Contractor Credit Report Application

We have been supplying credit reports to the State of Florida since they started their program.  We have been working with the counties all the way back to the early 80's.  Or folks have a great deal of knowledge about the process as a result.  If you have any questions please call us at 888-474-2270.  If we do not know the answer we will either find it, or get you to somebody who does.

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